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In the center of Kitsilano, on the corner of West 4th Avenue and Macdonald Street, lies the independently owned and operated Alcohol Delivery & Liquor Store. Serving the community since 1991, Alcohol Delivery is one of Toronto’s oldest pubs and liquor stores, as well as one of the city’s first places to get craft beer.

Delivery of alcohol in Toronto

One of Toronto’s most significant collections of craft beer, cider, spirits, coolers, and wine can be found at Alcohol Delivery Store. Visit us in person so our helpful staff can help you with your beverage requirements. I can’t enter the store… No issue; we supply booze to numerous Toronto neighbourhoods seven days a week.

We provide booze delivery seven days a week from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm to your house, workplace, event, party, or wedding. Get same-day, home delivery in less than an hour, or plan a delivery for corporate functions, big parties, and weddings. Bulk orders are eligible for custom orders, price, and delivery.